Home Buying Strategy

At Asima, our goal for our Buyers is that they purchase the home of their dreams. We know how important this purchase is for you and your family and we strive to make your buying experience a positive one. The first step is to identify your overall knowledge and experience of buying a property.


Identify your overall knowledge and experience of buying:

It's important that we ensure that we are all on the same page. Some buyers have more experience than others; from first time buyers to veteran home buyers. It is important that we identify your overall knowledge of the process, market, cost etc. associated, options with buying. Our goal is to make even a first time buyer an experienced one. From the smallest to largest questions we're ready to guide you. Our goal is to make sure that you have enough information and knowledge to make informed decisions as the journey of buying a home begins. Your Asima Representative will fill in the gaps by answering all your questions and addressing any of your concerns.

Your Asima rep will fill out a "Getting to know you" form. This is a great first step for both you and your representative that clearly outlines your needs, wants and goals so we can better serve you. We understand that over time as options and the process of elimination present themselves, your needs may change. This is normal and we understand this. It's important that when changes arise that you advise your Asima rep so they will continue to match you with the homes that fit your lifestyle and are right for you.


Filling in the gaps:

Are you a first-time buyer?

If so, you'll probably need more time discussing the cost and commitment associated with buying a home. Ask your Asima rep about our "Take the Smart Step" program that's been designed specifically for first-time buyers. This program addresses the most frequently asked questions, cost associated, the professionals involved, their specific roles and what question to ask. Once you've taken the smart step you'll be better equipped and ready to meet with a mortgage specialist to get pre-approved.

Whether you're a first time buyer or an experienced one, Asima is here to guide you through the process.

Know the professionals involved in a transaction, their roles and the questions to ask them. 

  • Appraisers
  • Lenders
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Lawyers/Notaries
  • Home Inspectors
  • Insurance Brokers


So how much does it cost?

This is one of the biggest questions that are on the mind of buyers, especially first-time ones. At Asima we outline all of the costs associated with a purchase and go one step further. We walk you through what to expect from others involved in your purchase and help guide you in the right direction through each step. Many buyers are surprised at certain associated costs and we educate them on what each cost reflects and the reasons behind them. Without transparency there is no trust and we pride ourselves on our transparency and guidance throughout your purchase and beyond.


Your needs and goals:

Now that you understand the costs involved in your purchase and the role of your Agent and our corporation, it is time that we determine your buying needs and goals. Below are some important questions to consider.

How long do you intend to own this home for? Is it a 2-3 year plan or a longer such as 10 years+
Your current and future lifestyle. Do you travel often?
Your financial situation. Sometimes money talks and then reality sets in, thus limiting how far your dreams and goals can take you. Your Asima Representative will provide you with as many options that fit your budget and lifestyle.
Do you have a preference for Detached, Semi detached, townhomes, freehold or condo? Is there a specific neighbourhood or municipality that you have in mind? Consider any pet requirements, schools, close to transit, work, and church.
Is this more of an investment property, family needs home or just a dream home?
Do you have a preference for New homes or Resale? What are the pros and cons with either choice? Older home may have more character but carry a higher maintenance cost such as repairs and utilities since older homes were often built less efficient in the past.
These questions and many more are important considerations that should be addressed so that you can maximize your options for your home purchase.

Through our knowledge and experience we guide you and answer these important questions to make you feel easier about your purchase and allow you to experience the excitement that comes with buying a home.