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Proactive, Timely Advice and Guidance - Make all the Difference!

While it’s true that buying a home is a purchase, it is like no other purchase you’ll make. Here at Asima Realty, we see it as much more than a real estate transaction. It is never a decision based on price and location alone. It shouldn’t be! Many other critical factors influence your final decision as a home buyer. Our goal is to be your guide throughout that process of evaluating various aspects of buying your dream home. And that’s what we consider as the most important part—your dream—it’s never about simply making a purchase; it’s all about making a choice that allows you to live your dream in a place you love to call home.

Asima’s Guided Service for Buyers focuses on the lifetime relationship rather than just seeing you through the current deal. Our approach is grounded in the firm belief that there are still buyers in the market who want real value and lasting results. They want things done right, in the most professional, organized and meticulous manner. We want to serve this type of buyer—and not just for one deal, or two, but for a lifetime. If you buy a home with our help, we care about you buying your next home and every home with us. Not only that, we aim to earn referrals so we are also able to serve your friends and family. If we can’t be good enough to win that trust and confidence for the long term, then it’s just not good enough! That is the Asima philosophy and every single one of our agents stands by this high standard of service. The Buyers Guided services makes you better prepared to ask the right questions, master the art of negotiation and enjoy a more satisfying home buying experience overall. 

And it’s not as if you must pay extra—Asima’s Guided Service for Buyers is very much a part of our standard service provided to all customers who want to sell their properties with us.


What is the Asima Guided Service for Buyers? 

Asima’s Guided Service for Buyers is a proactive method of helping you stay organized and well-informed as you go through the home buying process. By ensuring that you are updated on market trends, competitor analysis, the home buying landscape and other critical aspects affecting your purchase, we guide you to a successful, satisfying, stress-free and cost-effective decision.


Your home buying experience is unique to YOU:

Your goals, your dreams, your family’s needs, your financial power—all of these are unique to you. So why should your home buying process follow a cookie-cutter approach? When you work with an Asima agent, we take the time to understand your needs today as well as your goals in the future. Is this your first time buying a home?



 Know everything beforehand:

Avoid sticker shock! Asima agents will make sure you fully understand all the costs involved in buying your home so that there are no unpleasant surprises.  Are you a First-Time Home buyer? We will discuss any rebates and/or credits you may qualify for on the purchase of your first home. 




 Cash Flow - Analysis:

 We will also do a personal cash flow analysis so that when you do make the decision to buy your dream home, you are truly able to Live Your Way™! Are you ready?



Think like a seller—learn that with our help:

It may sound strange, but it works! By putting yourself in a seller’s shoes, you are able to anticipate how the seller might think and move, increasing your chances of getting the seller to yes when it comes to evaluating your offer.  Ask yourself—with thousands of other buyers in the market, how will you and your real estate agent outrun the competition? The art of getting a seller to yes is as simple as anticipating their needs and offering them an organized check list of their contingencies. Sellers need a guided approach during a confusing offer, especially during multiple offers, so they will appreciate our approach. Sellers are very much like buyers; they also agree that it’s not always about the money. They have goals after they sell their home; they want assurances and a stress-free sale from qualified buyers. With our Buyers’ Guided Service, that’s exactly what we bring to the table.