The Pride We Take

"A company that takes just as much pride in the team we build as the standards we strive for."

This is the promise of Asima president Marco Da Silva and is the standard for the entire Asima organization. The corporation consists of the owner and President, Agents, Client care specialists, Marketing Executives, On-line Marketing Co-ordinator and the Director of Social Media. Including our clients as part of our team has been an important part of Asima for years. We value our clients' opinions and feedback and feel that they are a huge asset to the overall success of the Real Estate process.

At Asima we are uniquely different from your typical brokerage. We provide a corporate culture and support virtually unheard of in the industry. Our support is consistent throughout our organization and we pride ourselves on our accountability to our clients and our entire team. We work diligently to offer our Agents full support and effective tools to aid in their service to you. In addition, our Marketing department creates and implements marketing strategies on behalf of you and your Agent, so your Agent can focus on achieving results. With our unique approach you are not only working with your Asima Agent, you are also working with the Asima Corporation. We offer consistency in our services and with full accountability to you; you can trust that you are getting the highest level of service available.

We are extremely proud to be able to offer our clients and agents our professional marketing support. With a dedicated marketing department that focuses on marketing our sellers' property to the masses, it allows your Agent to focus on what they do best... Serving you! Unlike most brokerages, we create custom marketing packages and solutions for our Agents giving them the ability to dedicate their time to achieving consistent results. Whether you are buying or selling, we assign you a Client Care Specialist that is there to support any and all processes throughout the relationship. They are there to assists in every aspect. With our unique approach we can develop better quality Agents and ensures you that you are getting the best possible service in the industry.