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Successful Selling is about Right Timing, Skilled Negotiation, Valuable Advice

Planning to sell your home? Selling your real estate property can be profitable, stress-free and even enjoyable if you have the right advice and guidance to market it properly.

  • Can you think like a buyer?
  • Do you have a bird’s eye view rather than a worm’s eye view?
  • Have you analysed where your property stands in the face of competition?
  • How will you outrun the competition?      
  • Is your home-selling strategy in line with the current market trends…or even a step ahead?

If you answered “Not Sure” or “Don’t Know” to any or all of the questions above, then ask yourself this all important question—“Am I really ready to sell my home?” The answer to this one is, clearly, “Not Yet”.

So what’s missing? You need a professional Guided Service by an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent who can help you say “Yes” to all these critical questions. Only then will you achieve a real estate property sale that makes you money, saves you time and is efficiently completed from start to finish. 

And it’s not as if you must pay extra—Asima’s Guided Service for Sellers is very much a part of our standard service provided to all customers who want to sell their properties with us.


What are your expectations from the final sale of your home? Beyond the price that you get, are there other factors you need to consider? Tell us—we are listening ! We eliminate the guesswork and confusion making it a seamless process so that you can close the deal quickly and efficiently.


Your Costs:

While on one hand, the sale of your home brings in money, it also costs money to sell your home the right way. So exactly how much does it cost? What expenses should you be ready to bear? Are you paying too much or too little? You need to know! How much you pay will also impact how much you earn overall from the sale of your home. Asima’s Guided Service includes giving you a full breakdown of these costs so that there are no surprises along the way.   




Competition Report:

The right timing is critical when you put your house on the market. Not only will it impact buyers’ interest, but it will also increase market value. This where an Asima real estate agent who knows your market well can make all the difference. With a detailed competition report, you know where you stand as well as when and how your ranking and status changes as other homes get sold and listed in the market.



So Much More:

Display: How your home looks, feels and even smells can draw buyers in or turn them away. At Asima Realty, we know the art of highlighting the finer nuances of your home to make it irresistible.

Related Services: In addition to your real estate agent, you will also need a team of skilled professionals—lawyer, banker, home inspector, mortgage broker, etc. We get your team ready ahead of time, so that there is no time lost during any stage of the home selling process. Our agents are known for their attention to detail, due diligence when it comes to offer documentation, commitment to deadlines and above all, exceptional customer service.

We aim to build relationships for life. If you have sold one home with our help and Guided Service, we want your next home and any other home you sell in the future to be sold with us as your real estate agents. We want to serve your family and friends too.     

Let’s start out the right way. Asima provides you with a detailed and comprehensive free, home evaluation to put your home selling venture on the right track.