Home Selling Strategy

Most homebuyers start their search online - Will they find your home? 

More people than ever browse for products online, and homes are no exception. In a recent Canadian Real Estate Association study, 86.7% of consumers reported beginning their home-buying search on the Internet, while only 8% said they started with a realtor. The traditional way to sell a home, in which property information is marketed by conventional media to a relatively limited pool of consumers, is becoming obsolete.

Are you looking to harness the power of the Internet to more effectively promote your property? At Asima, we’re listening, and we’d like to present our Digital Marketing service — a modern and intelligent solution that uses savvy online tools to maximize your property’s exposure, and increase your chances of a quicker sale. By combining high-tech strategies with our traditional values of superior client service and corporate accountability, we fulfil our promise to you of creating a complete home-selling experience that achieves optimal results.

What it all means for you:

The key to efficiently selling a home is effective marketing — with Asima, you can feel confident that the most current promotional strategies will be put to work for your property. What’s more, you get the kind of marketing support that matters most in the Internet age — strategic, intelligent and responsive Digital Marketing that takes a customized approach to promoting your property online. Our Digital Marketing strategy also helps us fulfill our promise to you of corporate responsibility: at Asima, it’s not just your agent working on your behalf, but the whole company. What this does is free up your agent to focus more on you — answering your questions and offering expert advice, negotiating the best offers from potential buyers, and providing service that surpasses your expectations.